Sanaa EXE LLC is a boutique investment firm specialized in Mongolian market. Since its establishment in 2008, the company made considerable investments to financial, real estate and educational sectors of the country.

Its operation has been constantly expanding with stable growth rate. Organic business growth and sustainability are the main objectives of the management team.



In 2010, Sanaa EXE started its cooperation with Olonlog Tuv school, one of the top private schools in Mongolia, with track record of over 30 years’ of experience in the educational sector of the country. Olonlog Tuv school students achievements count with over 500 medals and honors from international and domestic mathematics and physics competitions.

Its cooperation with Olonlog Tuv school started by financing its first school building in the central district of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Building on its successful cooperation, in 2016, Sanaa EXE expanded its cooperation and financed Olonlog Academy, one of the biggest private secondary educational facilities in the country. The project came at a huge success.

In 2018, Sanaa EXE started its own private school named “Olonlog EXE” with the cooperation of Olonlog Tuv school.

Olonlog EXE is specialized in information technology providing the students with coding and technological skills from an early age until the high school age. It is the first secondary school in the country specialized in information technology. Within only 3 years of its establishment, the school ranked as one of the top 20 schools out of all 800 public and private schools in the country. Together with other Olonlog schools, the school was awarded with the Best Educational Organization Award of 2019 by Forbes Mongolia.

“Olonlog EXE” vision is to make contribution to the expected rapid development of the country. Its mission is to provide advanced IT, maths, English and social education and to enable wide opportunities not only to bright students in Ulaanbaatar, but also to students all over the country. Currently the school is providing full scholarships to more than 60 students.


In Monglia, Sanaa EXE LLC is one of the biggest institutional investor and board member of BDSec, the market leading brokerage and underwriting securities firm in the country. Listed at Mongolian Stock Exchange’s main board, it is a member name of the Top 20 Index of Mongolian stock exchange.

Sanaa EXE is the full owner of Turquoise Finance, a non-banking financial institution. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been successfully providing bridge loans to corporate clients and consumer loan services to private clients.

One of the early investments in Mongolia by Sanaa EXE was acquisition of real estate properties in the center of Ulaanbaatar city.

The office property successfully operated for clients such as Mobicom Corporation, the biggest mobile operator in Mongolia, and its subsidiaries namely Mobinet, Mobi Finance, and other fintech companies such as MOST Money. The company has also invested in residential real estates in Ulaanbaatar.

Real Estate



Sanaa EXE, Tumurchii Avenue 7/1,

Chingeltei District, 5th Khoroo,

Ulaanbaatar 15171, Mongolia

tel: (976) 9918 2674

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